Blond with micro booty shorts

January 19, 2013

Hot blond wears her sexy micro booty shorts that covers only one part of her ass and then dances in front of the camera, proudly showing off her perfect ass and her gorgeous tight body.

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  •     Tight vibrating ass

    Tight vibrating ass

    A good looking blond is shaking her round hot booty, wearing almost transparent hot shorts and leaning forward for a better view.

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    Apr 17, 2011

  •     Sexy blond in a shorts

    Sexy blond in a shorts

    Sexy blond babe getting recorded at her home, dancing and shaking her booty, wearing some tiny shorts in front of the camera.

    Views: 9075

    Nov 12, 2011

  •     Blond in boot shorts

    Blond in boot shorts

    Good looking blond bombshell is shaking her ass in her kitchen, wearing some tight booty shorts and dancing wild around.

    Views: 9385

    Dec 08, 2011

  •     Fire-hot blond all in red

    Fire-hot blond all in red

    Fire-hot blond dressed up in a sexy tight red outfit and dances in a corner of her room, teasing with her gorgeous body and her sexy booty popping out of that tight red shorts.

    Views: 11766

    Dec 07, 2012

  •     Blond in cute tiny shorts

    Blond in cute tiny shorts

    Hot blond wearing cute tiny white shorts shakes her booty in the rhythm of a song, recording this hot show to tease all the guys out there.

    Views: 9863

    Dec 21, 2012

  •     Dorky girl shakes her booty

    Dorky girl shakes her booty

    Some nice looking blond girl dancing in front of mobile camera and shakes her booty in some short skirt.

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    Jul 15, 2007

  •     Pink shorts booty shake

    Pink shorts booty shake

    Girl in awesome booty shakes it slowly in front of the camera, wearing a cute pink shorts and teasing with her tight ass.

    Views: 28941

    Jul 18, 2007

  •     Booty dancing brunette

    Booty dancing brunette

    Nice looking brunette vixen is dancing in her tight small shorts, tasing with her cute slim body and shaking her tight ass.

    Views: 39594

    Jul 22, 2007

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